Streetscape Design: Tree, Lighting, Sidewalks  •  Multi-Family and Single Family Unit Considerations  •   Drought Tolerant Landscape Options  •   Water Reuse Strategies  •   Low Impact Development Design Strategies  •   Perimeter Fencing: Landscape Screening  •   Landscape Entry Statements  •   Community Spaces and Gardens  •   Park Facilities  •   Planning and Agency Coordination  •   Design Team Management  •   Underground and Belowground Utility Considerations  •   Vehicular Circulation   •   Pedestrian Circulation: Crosswalks, Bike Paths: Encourage Regional Connections: Bus, Bike Paths, Open Spaces, Parks, Homeowner Landscape Maintenance Considerations, Property Management Landscape Maintenance Considerations  •   Sustainable and Green Building Options  •   Create a Sense of Place and Regionalism  •